One Major Complaint: No Anti-Spyware Protection

I hate having multiple programs for anti-spyware protection. I want a total solution for everything. Thats what Comodo Internet Security should be.

hi ralphy boy (:WAV)
from what i’ve heard, CIS AV signature database includes spyware too. just like Avast IMO 88)

That’s what i’ve heard as well (:WIN)

At this moment there is no antispwyare integration.But it will be in the future.

HAHA really wow i really thought that anitspyware protection was included but i guess i was wrong (:SHY)

But it’s good that it’s coming laiter on (:CLP)

how do u define spyware?

if you define it as a malicious executable then yes we cover it!


Defense+ provides better protection to spywares then conventional anti spywares solutions.

Most of “spywares” wasn’t evil and only be installed with your consent. When CIS blocked malware behaviour (prevention over detection way) it covers most of spyware techniques like input ActiveX controls in Internet Explorer.

I believe you’re confusing consent with interaction. Each malware needs human interaction (a system won’t get infected just because one has malware samples; it will get infected if those samples are executed), independently of being with or without consent. I don’t think anyone will consent malware from being executed on their systems. But, unadvertly, they may executed them without knowing it, either because they aren’t aware it is malware or they don’t know that x or y executable or mp3, web site, etc., contains malware, that if executed will infect their systems, etc.

Almost malware samples (like rootkits, viruses, worms and trojans) tries to cheat users with offers, for example. I want to say that some spywares explicit its intention of monitoring user activities.

Users can choice - sometimes - in spyware installation. Other malwares types still user-interaction dependence but almost of them try to bypass user discernment.

My definition is malware: software used for gain without the user knowing it. I think that you guys need to have definitions for key loggers, worms, spy ware, ad ware, etc…if you haven’t.

I had already did some tests with keyloggers and CAVS catches all!

Maybe Comodo AV experts can shows CAVS available malware categorization…

Any malicious executables is what CAV catches!


Hello All,
Based on what everyone has said above…I currently have SuperAntispyware (Commercial) running real time. Do I need it to run real time or will CIS catch everything I need to worry about and just run SuperAntispyware on demand once a week? OR do I need to run SuperAntispyware at all?

Thanks for the help…really appreciate CIS and all the work the Comodo guys have gone to…Thanks guys!


If you paid for SAS Pro, It is a nice addition to any AV or other security product - Designed to coexist with them. SAS Pro actually uses 450kb or so in real time.

And by the way… No AV catches everything, But again this is why the many reasons you have Prevention as your first line of defense and NOT Detection, Detection is your 2nd line of Defense - This is what we are trying to teach/explain to people here. So in your case you simply have:

Prevention: Defense+
Detection: AV, SAS Pro. Good setup & light. :-TU