Well the concept is pretty simple (at least when we do not consider the technical aspect). It’s mostly about the GUI. I can see you are shifting to a new GUI with every new product.
My concept is about making one big Comodo “platform” which can contain every Comodo product. Kind of like how you can add extensions to your browser. In that way you could have tabs with everything from Antivirus, Defense+ (like you have with CIS) to stuff like Programs Manager and System Cleaner.
Further this would make it natural to make one installer (web-installer), from where you could choose which of all Comodo products you would like to install. After install it should obviously also be possible to install new components.
With this concept, you do not have to make a completely new GUI for every new product, since they would just be tabs in the Comodo shell. Updates for all components would be centralized from this shell of course.

Less stress about GUI. More userfriendly since you know where to find you Comodo products. Centralized updating. Awesomeness all the way!

Well, just what came to mind :slight_smile:

Yes, why not?
A web-based centralized GUI.
Need to listen the technicals for the viability of this idea.

I like the idea of one GUI but not having one installer for everything.

“One GUI to rule them all” it even sounds impressive ;D (if a bit of a ripoff from Tolkien)

Just pure curiosity… Why not one installer, if it’s very small in size, and you can Choose between whatever Comodo-product to install?

I would really like to hear some opinions from the developers or Melih? :slight_smile:

great Idea !
i like it i don’t want 3 windows open only one with all things

thanks The saakeman

didn’t they have something like this a while ago? it got discontinued before I started using Comodo so I don’t know exactly how it was set up, but I seem to remember seeing something about it in the forums when I first started coming here.

Because I don’t trust them not to silently install all of the other things and just disable them. In the way that the Firewall installer I used also installed all of the other components of CIS that I had no intention of using.