One English word explanation, please.

I need some help from anyone english speaking friend, please. I need to find an english word which sounds like word “kaffir” when pronounced BUT means something like “mate” or “friend”.

You probably wonder what the hell i am thinking. I understand :slight_smile:

But the thing is this. I watched a movie where man said to another that “cheers …” and i know that he ment something like “cheers mate” BUT it sounded something like “cheers kaffir”. At least to me.

I think that “kaffir” is offending word to an black african people and it is important to me know what word the man said in the movie? You now understand my dilemma? :slight_smile:

Does word “kaffie” mean anything? Ok, but my main question is the word for “friend” that sounds like “kaffir”?

Thank you…

Was the word “cobber”?

Other that this one I cant think of anything that might sound similar.


What was the movie?

AFAIK, “cobber” is a uniquely Australian term for mate. It’s a bit old fashioned, but still gets used.

Ewen :slight_smile:

The movie was Lord of the rings. I watched it an ages ago but i think it was Gandalf who said to Bilbo that sentence. I am not sure but maybe it was the first part of LOTR.

And hey, that “cobber” just might be the word. Only thing that i cannot be 100% sure that Gandalf mented something like “cheers mate”, i just thought he would say something like that. But the meaning of the sentence could also be something like “cheers old man” or anything.

Annoying, i know. But that cobber could be the word i was looking for. It would fit in the context of the film if it is an old word.

Cheers cobbers…