One Big Download Design is a design for failure

I have dialup. A lot of people still have only dialup connections. High speed connections continue to get higher and higher priced. I can’t tell you the number of people that tell me that they are switching to dialup because with all of their other bills and the unregulated rise in internet connection costs, high speed access is just one more thing that they cannot rationalize spending their money on. The republicans have consistently been heroes to cable-internet industry by promoting the concept that unregulating that business will inspire competition and that it will bring down prices. This area is an obvious demonstration of how that philosophy is a failure.

Before I have suggested that the installation of Comodo requires downloading files that are not designed for dialup connections. And although I managed to get the main program to my drive, for the past three days I have been failing to get the first main update for the antivirus portion of my software completely downloaded so that I can install it. Today, in spite of the fact that I was still connected to the internet, 1 mb before I had the entire download, Comodo informed me that the update had failed. This means that because of your current design, I will have to completely start the updating process from zero, which is ludicrous.

This is not a new problem. I have mentioned this problem many years ago. Other software programs for years have downloaded larger updates in cabs or sections which allows the user to stop the update process and return to it later. It also allows for the rejection of sections of the download should they show some download error, and the resumption and replacement of sections of the download if a problem does take place.

Is this just too much to ask for? Is this sort of change to Comodo so impossible to accomplish? Are dialup customers that unimportant to Comodo?

all software is now big. What I recommend you do is go to your local library that has free access and high speed. Then download this cav file save it to a usb stick. Then go home, boot up into safe mode. Open the usb stick and drag and drop the file into c:/program files/comodo/comodo internet security/scanners/ the computer will ask to over write, say yes. Now restart, once restarted go to the main CIS UI and click update definitions again, it should download maybe something small, and you are all set.

He could also try to use a download manager (like GetRight - not free or Free Download Manager - free) to download the file in a multi-threaded way to max out his dial up speed. Download managers also allow resume (if the server here supports it) to allow him to download the big files in more than one session.

I can't tell you the number of people that tell me that they are switching to dialup because with all of their other bills
I'm sorry, I just can't picture it

As software gets more complex, it gets bigger. Although comodo is improving on reducing there AV sigintures size :slight_smile: