Once upon a time...

or, let me rather start again, using more aptly put words (perhaps) this time:

There once was a time, when…

well… yes when… we were all but few…
few members of a certain forum that was being run by a certain rather small company, led by the idealism of one man.
No, I’m not talking about the first Christian gathering on earth right now (sorry).
I am talking about the origins, at least of this very forum.

Even if obviously having been somewhat late to the “party”, when registering here in 2007 or so, I do warm heartedly remember those rather early times.
It didnt’t take that very long to recognize there was some kind of “family feeling” lurking beneath the shell of a somewhat technical speaking small community.
Most of the users THEN gave their very BEST not only to show off, but to contribute in a certain productive kind of way. Xchange of mind and opinion was the leading force that drove many of us then.
Nowadays there’s still many around here that try to do the best they can, confessed, but the more I read, the more I listen, I realize that something - whatever that may be - has somewhat changed.

There’s complaints and criticism all over the board now, and even if certainly justified here and then, I cannot (on the emotional side of what is me) replicate NOW that feeling of earlier times, when we all worked together, to make the best out of it. That’s somewhat sad, of course. But it’s not all been lost, I guess.

Problem is:

COMODO staff needs to be extended. (by means of a worldwide malware emergency team).
COMODO users should, as in ancient times, not just rely on it and settle back, but actively and willingly be contributing to the whole thing. That’s how it worked then, no one was lazy enough to just say “thank you”, everyone tried to contribute in some way.

Why not relive those days? Think about it.

Melih, pardon me for being somewhat nostalgic again, your thoughts on mine?

Kind regards, REBOL.

I changed all caps title to normal case. Eric

It’s still the most valuable and helpful forum I’'m currently a member of. Try opera 1 complaint about chrome opera and your on death row no parole!

I personally think on the average we have a great bunch of members at this moment, with a few exceptions but that will happen anywhere.
Many are very openly sharing their knowledge and constructively contributing in one way or another.
I have in recent times seen users doing their absolute best to help other members, even with language barriers trying to get in the way.

Even the less experienced members seeking answers to issues.
If the issue gets to be resolved from the help of a more experienced member, this could potentially help many other users searching for the same request.
The result, both parties have constructively contributed.

We will see more complaints/criticisms than early times that is inevitable, the user base has grown enormous over time.
Constructive criticism contributes a great deal to helping the products evolve and develop.
This is a community support Forum, so I would expect the larger the base the more you will see postings of all nature.

Look! for the good and you will see it is still there. :slight_smile:

Kind regards from Captainsticks. :slight_smile:

Great response…And totally agree with you :-TU