Once more about Internet Security Helper Service

Hi, anyone.

How to control this service. I mean, how to stop it and pause for a while as a service.

Thanks in advance.

You can do that in the Services list of Windows. But I would advice against it. Why do you want to disable it temporarily? It is not using that much resources.

Well, I can’t stop it using either services list or net stop command (there is not available ‘stop’ option and the command is not accepted by the service) even with enough privilege.
The question still has more academic reason than practical one, but I have tried certain approach of using multi-user environment for background applications. I’ve tried to run different service list for different entries and to stop several services after the task’d been finished and certain user account had been closed.

You can terminate cmdagent.exe using CIS “View active process list” > context menu >terminate and start the service using services.msc

You can terminate cmdagent.exe using CIS ...

Thanks, it works. But could I use any cmd or script command to do that?

Those steps I posted won’t help much in that regard whereas are a GUI based workaround to terminate cmdagent in case it hangs. afaik such service is supposed to run regardless of what user account is logged on/off and thus it should be manually restated thereafter.

As that was the only workaround that occurred to me I guess I won’t be of any help other than advising against disabling such service.

Yes, it doesn’t help for the task. So, I still look for a solution.
Regarding any risk of absence of the CIS helper service, it won’t be so big, since at the same time all of the network services would be stopped as well.