On-the-fly search in FW/HIPS application list

As I am not migrated to CIS 6 yet, consider my wish irrelevent, if applied already.

since CIS 3, every time I am dealing with some lists in CIS configuration,
I like COMODO less than usually.

It applies especially to FW and HIPS application list,
whenever I am searching for a particular application.

The only reasonable way - other than looking through long list - seems to me

  typing start of the APP pathname
 finding a pathname  in the roll out list. 
  choosing item
  pressing ENTER
 finally getting to application record

It seems to me extremely inconvenient…
…or I am dumb and did not find more elegant way.

Would be possible to make these list header-sortable ?
E.g. by Application name or path ?

Or, would be possible to implement on-the-fly search ?
something similar as Firefox has searching-while-typing for finding bookmark/history items…

Like If I want to search for Firefox.exe,

I would type FIR

and list would shrink to e.g. 4 application records having FIR in the path a/o name.

You want a more organized way on how the FW and HIPS by adding a search to it? I would agree.

Yes, as I usually use silently cursing words in my mind :slight_smile:
whenever I search for an application in my long app lists in FW a/o DEF+ policies.

V6 did loose th usability that version 5 had Navigating the user interface. But gained usability in the alerts. They have been toned down greatly.

cis now has search feature :slight_smile: grats

I confess I was to curious and performed instalation CIS6 over CIS5,
with new profiles, and CIS5 profiles kept aside.

first I said what the hell this is _ like a black box.

but… I like it now. Process Explorer and Autoruns modes are interesting. :wink: