'on the fly' freespace wiper

Once a month, I wipe my freespace on my hard drive, to securely delete all of those deleted files that can be restored. Well, I think this task takes too long as it could take me anywhere from 1.5 hours to 12 hours to do, depending on the method of wipe I use. Anyhow, I think if it would be great if Comodo would create the very first on the fly freespace wiper. Wait… it get’s better than it sounds…
Imagine having a program to monitor every file getting deleted, after it collects the deleted file information, it will prompt saying something like, "you have 50 mb worth of files that have been deleted! Would you like to securely erase the files now?, and if selected yes, it would go ahead and securely wipe the clusters where the deleted files were located. Also, the program could be run manually, say after a browser session, after clearing the cache, but only to delete the clusters where the cache was deleted. The cache would only take a minute or two to wipe.
It could even have an automatic mode, where it automatically wipes a certain number of clusters
at a time in the background.
I feel a program of this nature, would be invaluable to me and other people that hate waiting all day for wiping a 120GB hard drive. I would rather wipe 25-50 mb of freespace per day, rather than doing the whole hard drive later on.
Also a benefit to having something like this is, no more worries about wiping critical partition information…

I like this idea, and it has to do with security :slight_smile:

Good idea but you got beat by http://www.shredagent.com/.

The main problem is that many programs automatically create temp files and backup files and delete them unsafely without telling you. Word/excel for example are famous for that.

Even if you consciously erase safely every file you use , it still leaves all the other files created and deleted automatically by programs.

Sure you could wipe free space, but that takes ages, and also even if you run with minimal stuff, there will always be some sectors locked and cannot be wiped because some program is in use.

That is where shredagent comes in. It can monitor what other programs do, and when they send a command to delete file, shredagent intercepts it and wipes it using the secure method!

I like the idea of Comodo adding this to their portfolio. As a first-freeware solution.

I hope Melih will read this suggestion and I’m curious to see his response!

I’d be using it a lot!!!

Harry (:NRD)