On Steam Update, Comodo Firewall 10 Ignores Auto-Containment for One Game

The problem specifically is with Stellaris, which worked just fine when I got it a few days ago after I unblocked it. Steam updated for me and now it won’t run no matter what I set auto-containment rule to for the .exe. It still allows everything else from Steam to run.

Problem is with running off desktop icon which links to steam://rungameid/281990

I set the containment rule to ignore, deleted rules, reset rules to default, nothing works to allow it. I added it to the firewall rules as allowed application, still nothing. Clicking on the .exe in Steam will load the game but then it’s in windowed mode with an ugly green frame.

Only disabling auto-containment allows me to run this game off the desktop icon link with no ugly frame. Again other games don’t have this problem.

UPDATE I went to systray, open (NOT the other options) to get the dashboard screen as opposed to the advanced settings screen, > Task > Unblock Applications and that works now. Annoying I have to repeat that…

Windoze 10, Comodo Firewall 10

Most likely you need to change the criteria file rating to any instead of Trusted which is set when you use the unblock applications task.