on scan

i install CIS

and i have CCcleaner

regularly i use CCclener to wipe thrash files

wat makes me stranges is

i got some viruz dat on scaner late 2 detect

da antiviruz just somehow react up when i try 2 clean up with CCcleaner

wats dat mean??

why on demand scaner doesnt know dat viruz is already theres on document directory

why antiviruz react while i try 2 clean up??
why antiviruz doesnt react before i clean up???


The answer to both of these questions is because the AV engine in CIS is an on-access scanner. This means that when a file is accessed, CIS scans it to make sure it’s clean. It only scans a few specific file types when they are written to disk. So the only way CIS will know if there is malware in a file on your disk is if you run a scan or simply access the file.

So when you are trying to clean the files with CCleaner, it needs to access the files to delete them. So CIS will scan every file CCleaner is accessing. The same will happen when defragging.

And no, there is no security risk to have malware sitting inert on your hard drive.

ohw okey
how bout da comodo system cleaner is dat workx same like CCcleaner

is it goin 2 be fine use both ccleaner n comodo sytem cleaner ?
i mean goin do same thing like CIS goin 2 chek up all da files dat is scan da files

i m worried its goin crash or ccleaner maybe wipe comodo backup files when im goin 2 restore

thnx u

The AV will behave the same when using Comodo System Cleaner.

You shouldn’t have any problems running both Comodo System Cleaner and CCleaner on your system as long as you aren’t trying to run them both at the same time.

There are many users that are using both applications.