On-read / on-access no need to scan all files from folder

When open folder, CAV scans all files from folder, eats CPU. Need to scan only file that I open or run?
At least this sould be an user option. Important on slow PC.
Only quess how much this slows windows startup…


not a bad idea, but would like to extend what the topic poster wrote
A few file types generally don’t need to be scanned like .txt .avi. While you can write a virus IN a text file. It still wouldn’t infect you

maybe 2 modes,
1)smart scan
2)full scan


For example, have a check box option: “Scan the entire contents of a folder when it is opened” - I think this option should be disabled by default. The AV should always scan a file when it is open or run.

In the usability forum (for mods only), a similar suggestion was made, where the user could make the following selections for the realtime AV and on demand AV:

  1. Non compressed files: Scan only infectable file types (e.g. exe, com, etc.) or scan all files
  2. scan compressed files (with the option to select which compression types you want to scan - see example pic below)


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