on my side, i sometimes attack ideas, but never people

I didn’t lack of respect to anyone: on my side, i sometimes attack ideas, but never people, still less under the belt, and i only expressed my ideas related to the topic where i wrote.

There’s no point in “expressing myself in another thread” (or on planet Mars) unless clearly stating that whatever is being written in this forum has to be first read by the administration of this forum in order to check whether it faithfully reflects a single opinion, but if it’s the case, this forum has no reason to exist.

The only lack of respect i have been able to see is to delete what i wrote altough it did not infringe any forum policy and the words you wrote about me first implicitly (including “gang” and “abuse”, i am not a criminal), and next explicitly.

Such a defamation is probably not the proper way for the CEO of a software to treat his, yes, faithful users as soon as they write some opinion seen as contradictory, and expressed, as i previously said, on the only behalf that my personal idea is that the discussed behavior is unprofitable for Comodo.

brucine there are probably quite a lot of us on the forum who have some difficulty understanding some of your language, which seems to a simple person like me to be like civil service speak, or academia, or something which would be most easily understood by readers of the Guardian. Please do not take this post as in any way a criticism, it’s just that sometimes I do find it difficult to follow your intention.


Then WHY was I not given a warning/ban from MOD/ADMIN/OWNER then?

Sorry, JamesFrance, i am as you know a native french speaker, and speaking/writing english in real life (my high school years) is a little old for me: i am only doing the “less worse” i can…

Even with the same language, the way of using it differs from Country to Country or even State to State. We all do misunderstand others sometimes. I do hope everyone can shake hands (posts) and make up. Kind regards.

Am I missing something here? ???

Probably this.

Now that’s pretty bad. I cannot believe Melih (or whoever it was) actually deleted/moved brucine’s posts. Sure, it’s Comodo’s forums and the CEO and moderators can do whatever they want, but don’t claim “openness”. I don’t see how brucine’s posts were off-topic at all. The topic was called “Please Nominate Comodo”, not “Please Nominate Comodo and Only Post Nice Things About Comodo Here”.

I don’t think they got deleted, just a new topic was started. I don’t see this as a bad thing. The discussion can be continued in the new topic. Remember we almost never delete posts here.

Welcome to the Comodo forum…Enter at your own risk.

The post was split and can be found in this very board with title i don’t see where what i wrote was “off topic”.

There are actually two topics going on about this event. That’s open enough for me.