On demand scan performance option

In the current version of Comodo av, you only have option to change the priority of scan, but even if you send it to background (or you set the background priority for full system scan for ex.) the comodo av still uses a lot of CPU(only if you use another application at the same time the CPU usage of comodo av decreases, but overall you still have ~ 90% CPU wear, and this isn’t healthy for your PC, especially for laptop). So if you don’t care so much about the scan speed, this option will become very handy, if you care about overall system performance during the full system scan, or about the health of your PC(having ~ 90% CPU wear for 1h:30m, until the full system scan is completed, isn’t the best thing).

Voted. :-TU
Just some little extra performance control on top of the priority settings, just to help reduce performance issues or heat build up on some laptops or on systems with lower available resources etc.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Just find a small fix to this small problem, you can right click on cavwp.exe(from windows task manager/Killswitch) and set Affinity to 1 CPU(in case you have at least a dual core processor or better), and this way you will have a balance between CPU usage and temperature(max 50% CPU usage and a decent overall temperature about 60- 65 degrees, normally without this small tweak I have a constant 60-100% CPU usage and a temperature between 73-79 degrees which is a lot for a notebook, in summer time sometime it rises beyond 80 degrees when I perform a manual full system scan).

I hope in time Comodo will do something about manual scan and add a Performance check box : - Low(1 from 2 CPU and so on);
- High(all available CPU).

+1 :-TU

Thank you for your support