on demand detected malware but not the sandbox


I use panda cloud antivirus with comodo firewall, Defense+ and threatfire. On an on demand scan panda detected a Trojan. My problem is that i went to check if it was sandboxed in the defense + events and it was not. Does that mean the malware (Trojan) was not active, or that it passed all my defenses?
I am asking you this because i thought it was a false positive, and because of that i restored it and then submitted to virus total and 50% detected as a virus (comodo antivirus did not, but i already submitted them and panda the file, i am now waiting for a response), but comodo still havenĀ“t blocked it since then, should i manually block and eliminate it? But if it is malware (i should have the answer tomorrow) why was not sandboxed? Do you think it was and it is inactive?
On attachment is the report of the infection.


[attachment deleted by admin]

to see if something is sandboxed it would be in pending files.

Thanks, but there is nothing in my pending files.

Can you please post a link to the virustotal results?


The file had already been sent on 2010.02.26 06:16:54