On demand and real time scanning

After testing the antivirus part of CIS along with BOclean on my virtual machine with malicious links, i found that on a few malware would not be flagged up when they are executed, but if i run a system scan after they then get detected??? Surely the real time scanner is using the same sigs as the on demand scanner.


There are differences between the way the two scanners work.
The real-time scanner can’t see files inside other files.
The on-demand scanner can for some types.

Because of the apparent speed of CIS when some apps are run, I have suspected that another difference is that the real-time scanner does not check as many file types as the on-demand. Can someone in-the-know at Comodo enlighten us?

I see, Thanks for the reply. Will the implementation of the BO clean memory scanner into CIS stop this?

You can try with 3.9 beta: https://forums.comodo.com/beta_corner_cis/comodo_internet_security_3973525491_beta_released-t37725.0.html .

Keep us posted.