On Average, How Big is a COMODO Incremental Antivirus Update File?

I am considering switching over to COMODO antivirus from Avira. I currently run COMODO Firewall and Defense+ 5.5. I would simply update the installation to include the antivirus component (ie I would be running COMODO Internet Security). Having dial-up access to the Internet, though, I am concerned as to the size of the incremental antivirus update files. I have successfully downloaded the base CAV file, which was approximately 140 MB.

Can anyone inform me as to the average size of the incremental antivirus updates? I realize the size of these updates will fluctuate, depending upon the threats discovered “in the wild”. However, in general, will these incrementals be under 10 MB in size? I hope so.

On average, I would say they’re just a few kB’s.

HeffeD, I appreciate your timely reply! Thanks much!