On Access/Stateful

I notice in V3.9 under “antivirus security level” we have acquired another setting.
Assuming we don’t want it disabled what is the difference between “on access” and “stateful”.
Could someone kindly explain please
Thanks and Regards

On-Access is what we have been using.
Stateful examines the files as we use them The first time an app is run it is scanned (on-access). As long as the file has not changed, no further on-access scanning is performed, speeding up loading of the program. This can be noticed with IE when you run it the first time and compare running it again.

Thanks john.
Interesting things to learn in v.3.9.
I am sure there are lots more goodies

Funny you should mention IE.
The next thing i did was to try opening IE--------Nothing,would not open.
Oh well back to the drawing board.Beta 2 that is.