On-access scanner option for disk reads only

Experiments documented in the following topic established that the CIS v3.8 on-access scanner operates on both disk writes and disk reads:
Thanks to HeffeD for help!

I believe that detecting during disk writes does not improve PC protection compared to disk reads, but during disk writes offers earlier detection. Indeed, maybe the average user expects detection during both disk writes and disk reads by default. The average user may be angry if Comodo allows malware to be downloaded and lay dormant.

I wish that Comodo gave the user an on-access scanner option for disk reads only. The reason is that it reduces CPU and disk loading. This is important for users like me with slower PCs.

Avira offers this option. I have used Avira with this option for about 6 months – with no malware infections. While I use the Comodo firewall, HIPS and memory firewall, I hesitate to add the Comodo AV until this feature is available.

By the way, I recommend not giving the user an on-access scanner option for disk writes only. This is because the AV signature may not be available for a malware when downloaded, but become available later with a signature database update, after which it must be detected during a disk read.

+1 :-TU

+1 :slight_smile:

This would be great! Almost every av software use this.

I suppose this would be very useful as an advanced option.

However, it does not add much to your security as discussed elsewhere in the forum.