On Access scanner off

I love this AV and firewall package, & I have had a few paid ones in my 30 Years computing but my only problem seems to be that windows security center software does not recognise it, claiming it is not monitored and the only recomendation it gives is to change AV’s also Comodo states that the on access scanner is off.
I use blueyonder ( telewest) and they provide thier own firewall so I dont know if there are conflicts, can anyone help.
I use Win XP with sp2

This does the same thing to me too. I’m running Windows XP SP2.

Hello guys!

Security center of XP SP2 does not recognize Comodo…
It must be due (even Comodo being a great antivirus) its not ready yet… There are some bugs and the definitions are not full yet…

So its not to be used for everybody, who thinks its a already Antivirus solution and it will protect at the same level of one already consolidated AV.

Only people that knows the (temporary) limitations o Comodo, should use it, to make test, give opinions, help to make it better…

After that, problaby Comodo will worry about being recognized in the security center…

By now, you can to avoid this kind of behavior, inside the security center, click on the recomendations of AV Area and ask to stop monitoring, tell that you will monitor the AV…

Its only temporary.

Thanks for your time,



I’m guessing you’re referring to PCguard as I use Telewest also. I had PCguard on my system with no conflicts (so long as its firewall is turned off). I’ve now switched to Comodo however.

There are no conflicts on the Telewest service without PCguard and just using Comodo, but as the AV is not ready for full release you think carefully about using it as a primary antivirus until then.