on-access scanner has been causing problems PLEASE READ CAREFULLY

the on-access scanner is a system process called cavasm.exe. This process takes up 50% of the PC’s CPU usage which will freeze my PC within 10 minutes. when i chatted with a HP agent in safe mode, he told me to remove two files bothed named cavasm.exe. this helped bring back the computer to it’s normal condition but the on-access scanner now fails to start. CAN SOMEONE PLEASE TELL ME HOW TO TURN ON THE SCANNER WITHOUT DESTORYING SYSTEM PERFORMACE?


cavasm.exe is actualy one of CAVS files i think.
please do remember that CAVS is in beta stage so there is still a lot of bug to fix and this one is one of them. beta2 is said to be released on the 12th

I’ve seen similar reports about cavs and performance on other topics if you search for a while I’m sure you’ll find them. those topics surely will help you a lot more then me

hope this doesn’t make you think badly of cavs. I do hope that you’ll give a chance for the next releases you can check for bugs that are being corrected on one of the firsts topics of the forum

best wishes…

edit: spelling correction, all natural at 5 a.m.