on-access scanner error STOAC017

I’m not sure if the CAVS update yesterday has something to do with this , but I discovered that I can’t turn on ON-ACCESS SCANNER when want to scan My Computer. There was no problem before.
If I click on the “turn on” knob the message: " STOAC017, unable to perform requested operation" popped up.

I did not found a message about this on the forum.
What problem will this be.

After this I scanned with Ad-aware and Spy-both. No problems

arnold (:SAD) (:SAD)

Do you have spywareguard (by javacool) installed? That is a known cause of STOAC017; the only one I’m aware of.


After I read your comment I turned SG off complete.
Start-up again, with the same result.
I still can’t turn On Access Scanner on !

Services for Comodo Antivirus and dependencies RPC and Workstation are on.
Comodo Antivirus is on the list of Workstation

After some inspection, I think that Antivirus is NOT working at all !
when I open Launchpad there is LAUNCH ANTIVIRUS.

Email is not marked true Antivirus, settings are marked for this.

For the moment I install Avast until this is solved. I used it successfully before !!!
I don’t want to be unprotected.

arnold (:CLP) (:CLP)


You would have to uninstall spywareguard completely for this to no longer be an issue.

However, I have an additional question for you… You mentioned LaunchPad; will you confirm which version of CAVS you have? I ask this because LaunchPad has not been a part of CAVS since version 1.1…




I checked all programs in LaunchPad about the versions:

LaunchPad =
AV =
iVault =
Backup =
These programs are still in the system-bar icon of Launchpad and update regular.

I have AV reinstalled. Problem is disappeared, without removing SG of my computer.
Emails are again marked by CAVS.

arnold (:NRD) (:NRD)

Cool. So what is the current version of CAVS?



I mentioned that CAVS version is in my last post. It still is. Or are you asking for an other file version.
CMain.exe version is
CavSn.exe version is
Virus Database version is
Do you need more ?

This leads my to an other question.
I have recently installed ZipGenius. To control archived files automatic, I have to point it to a file of my virus-scanner. But I don’t know witch one. I am sure you can tel me the right one.

You mentioned that CAVS is not a part of LaunchPad after version 1.1… .
Does this mean that LaunchPad should NOT been in the system-bar, or that CAVS must have a separate icon there ?

arnold (:WAV) (:WAV)[color=black][color=black][color=black][color=black][color=black][color=black][color=black][color=black][color=black][color=black][color=black][color=black][color=black][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color][/color]

Wowsers, Arnold! You’ve got yerself an antique there! CAVS is the current version. Still technically a Beta (as is 1.1), but much much more stable, less resource usage, larger database, better scan engine, an integrated application-based HIPS… You may certainly continue to use 1.1 if you’re happy with it, but in my opinion 2.0 is much much better.

CAVS 2.0 is no longer associated with LaunchPad, so it would have its own independent icon in the systray by default. Unless you removed LaunchPad, though, LP would still be running and have its own icon as well. But CAVS would no longer be accessible through LP. (They’ve done this because of user complaints about LP.)

As to the file to point ZG to, I’m not really sure in 1.1… I don’t remember all the options, and thus would have to look at the file. Which I can’t do as it’s not installed… :wink: c:\program files\comodo\comodo antivirus It’s probably going to be cavsn.exe or cavasm.exe, but given it’s an external pointer, you might have to use the commandline scanner (if it’s in 1.1) which would be cavscons.exe (if this is the case, there are some switches/parameters here https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,6013.msg46550.html#msg46550.