On a new vista home premium - subjects under summary are not chooseable

HI folks, under summary, all the sub menu’s are knda “disabelt” they can’t be turned on, and I have reinstalled comodo 2 times, with same effect. In the taskbar ( in the bottom right ) is says: all systems are up and running. This mashine is not yet on the internet, could this be the reason why this is not ajustable ? I really don’t want to go online with a firewall that does’nt work properly. it seems wrong when theese menus can’t be turned on, even if the PC is not on any network, it still have programs that are configured wanting to go online, and that should be set, in my opinion - or am I wrong ?

I uninstalled the newest vesion and tried to install the alfa version for vista 32, but now the massage: “This is an old version of COMODO firewall Pro. Please visit www.comodo.com to download the latest version”, comes up

and all regedit keys deleting are not allowed…even if I take over ownership, as adminstrator :THNK

This might be a great free firewall, I would’nt know, so far I did’nt get it to work

And the help section in this forum is also a great idea, but in 8 days no one did respond in any way


The 2.4 version of the firewall doesn’t work on Vista if that is the OS that you are installing it on.

As far as the alpha version ( you need to set the date back sometime before July 27,2007 and then it should install ok. Here is the quote from umesh:

Hi, Version is valid till 27th july, 2007. We planned to update Alpha version before this but could not do so. We are planning a version coming thursday. Still if someone wants to install this version, he should change his system date prior to 27th july, 2007, install the firewall and then he can switch back his system date to what it should be.

Sorry for the trouble.


Hope this helps,