Сomodo Security Agent does not start. Automatically, the error is not eliminated

Problems with CIS on Windows 10 does not start. When you delete a BSOD and restart occurred. Incorrect removal of the CIS was helped Soft Organizer.

  1. CIS
  2. Windows 1607 14393.693
  3. Worked for PC

CIS Report


Are you sure there’s no conflict? It appears “cmdagent” service fails to start.

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PC HP in the factory settings was Windows 7 and Norton Internet Security. Updated to Windows 10. Perhaps not all the remnants removed NIS

I’ll take a look.

Did you try to disable Viruscope?
(Advanced Settings > Viruscope > Uncheck “Enable Viruscope” option)


Why disable Viruscope?

The memory dumps you have provided points to viruscope as the probable cause.



Please provide complete memory dump (“MEMORY.DMP”) for further investigation.
[Guide: How to get a complete memory dump in Windows 10]

I updated the drivers with the Snappy Driver Installer P539 program, while the BSOD was not



Full Dump

Today BSOD

It’s possibly caused by :

Image path: \SystemRoot\system32\DRIVERS\e1c6232.sys
Image name: e1c6232.sys

Installed the latest updates Win10 and CIS10. I’ll see if there’s a BSOD or not

Please check again with Comodo Internet Security v10.0.1.6209 thanks. If you still experience the issue then edit your post to be in the required bug reporting format thanks.