Сomodo developers ignore users!!!

“How Can I Help Comodo? (Please We Need You!)” for whom this forum thread?
Are topics in the forum to which developers do not care!!!
this & this, i’m can continue list? :-TD :-TD :-TD

As realized in the past, if the developers responded to everyone who asked for help, they would not be able to get any of their own work done.
There are many members on here who are willing to assist as and when they are able to.

I apologize, but I have given only matters authorized developers, members I can not help me!

Why is it that the forums and decide important questions delusional ignored, apparently a problem with me, but I remind you that guests visiting a forum read all this and probably make conclusions about the developers and their product, correct me if I’m wrong! :o

Hi alex cold,
Please remember this is a community based Forum, any input from the Staff or Developers is a bonus.

You could always try submitting a ticket for certain issues.

Kind regards.

Developers are often on the forum and it’s not a bonus, in your case, this is an excuse, but it’s just my opinion!

P.S.: you see a forum where I created a topic you think that the community is interested in the users or is it all the same Comodo interested?

Yes Staff and Developers do visit the Forum when time permits, but it is mostly community based.

Everything is clear there is no sense that either inform the developer forums because they are not here, all the issues developers will ask only support on site, close the topic! :-\