OMG ! Why the heck did I click that update button?!?

For over a decade I was using ZoneAlarm just to change to Comodo Firewall as under XP, which runs on my server, everything gets killed with useless newesr ZoneAlarm.

But why oh why did I click that update. I expected some smal bug fixes but I get a - as it seems - a brand new version. And it is absoulutly useless.

I do understand that marketing people have to show something so that nobody wonders why that get paid in the first place. So polishing up SW is common practice and one should not complain using free SW.

But I do, as I am now, after I got used to that very strange settings setup, I can throw away Comodo as well and find another SW - hopefully before it get’s an optical upgrade.

I was running my apps from my network drives well until 10 minutes ago, but now after the update I am clicking 1000 times to allow the apps they are still not accepted. What a …! Why, people?!?

I did not change a thing, why did you, and why so that I have to fumble around with my PC again. I dont get it. Now the thing has even crashed, I can restart my server again with all the million things I have to do there.

And I am sure I will not be able to simple downgrade. Btw, I am not even able to type in this strange forum, as it jumps up and down while typing. Maybe it is because I use a very uncommon browser, called Internet Explorer 8.

So thank you very much for runing my weekend!

Very sorry you are having this problem, but this is not a bug report. I will forward you to help to see if someone can fix your difficulties.

Best wishes


Strange. In previous version I cannot launch my network applications from shares because they were sandboxed. Now with CIS 5 everything is fine.
So tell us what configuration you have for CIS. Full suite? Proactive? Sandbox enabled? Safe Mode? What popups do you have at launching your network applications? Did you make them trusted and removed from Unrecognized files?

Sorry to say that but this is all your fault…

You clicked Update and did not inform yourself what are you updating?


Running XP on a Server, which then actually is not a server.


Running updates on a “Server” without making a Restore Point


Using IE 8 or any version of IE on a Server


SO why don’t you just boot in safe mode or get Winternal’s ERD Commander 2007 and boot the PC and uninstall the upgrade or Comdo, get the old version from the forum and install it, or just deactivate Defense+ and Sandbox and you are good. Of course you must set the rules for the FW right.

The site jumping while you writing is a problem of your Mouse driver and note the site, probably a cheap USB mouse, common failure.

BTW. for the future a little rule a had to learn 15 years ago when i started to work with PC and real Servers as Admin, “NEVER CHANGE A WINNING TEAM”
When a “Server” is running then let him run, don’t touch him until it’s really needed, if everything is running and you try to make it better you will always fail.


Also you can get previous versions of software from but its always best to have up to date software
(mods I don’t know if i can link so fill free to remove if necessary)

You can also get it here in this forum.

And don’t get me wrong, there is nothing to say against up-to-date Software but you don’t install bleeding edge software on a “Server” and the most important thing you test the upgrade on a other Pc and when you are 100% shore that everything is going right you then upgrade the server.

No Admin will ever just install an upgrade and hope that everything is going right, that’s just not working.

At the latest when you install a 600KB Security Update on a NT 4.0 Server and then you have a 2 days downtime where 1.6 Million customers are making phone calls for free because the Server is down.
Ok, i was 17 at that time…

Sorry if a was offensive in my post, i had a customer today which made me regret I’m working with PCs…


As I said, one should not complain when using free SW. But I did, and not finding my post deleted is already some kind of cool reaction from Comodo.


Always a pleasure and relief to realize that higher beings are among us! I just should have known that with a simple Logitech mouse, and now hold on, with a cable - yes a cable - one is not just a dumb user but most likely a poor ■■■■■■ from the third world.

Let me type fast before my brand new acustic coupler gets disconnected, or before they just turn of power, specially for me who only runs XP in one of his virtual machines on the thing I called server.

Who am I to call one of the three machines installed in my cabinet next to me a server, while even three year olds are laughing at me! Can’t be a server when not running Sioux, or whoever that Indian thing is called.

Hmm, and using ZoneAlarm only for 10 to 15 years before changing after massive problems makes me really jummpy. Right, never change a running system! Maybe I should stick to DOS 6.2, or maybe I will find my C-64 somewhere in the basement. Lord is right. I cant recall any firewall problems there 20 years ago.

@all others

Thanks for helping me out with our tipps. Appreciate it a lot!

I could use system restore and running it this way now (=older version of Firewall). I am sorry that I do not understand that Comodo lingo, as I was just looking for a firewall replacement and found some good reviews for Comodo. CIS to my sounds like the TV show my wife is watching, like Navy CIS, or is it CSI Las Vegas. I do not know what defense plus or minus is, or why I should go and play in a sandbox when the only thing I want is to block some outgoing or incoming traffic.

Maybe Comodo is too complex for a user who actually has to work with his PCs and not to tweak them here and there, but now I have to eat an my wife updated to knife and fork, so I am still trying to figure out how to eat that soup with those things - sure Lord has some advice, maybe like not upgrading to a spoon but ditch the soup and have a burger with fries instead?

Man we are not evil, we’re trying to help if we can. :slight_smile:
Indeed CIS is not (yet) quite for average Joe but if you have some patience and you try to explain us your config we’ll try to help you.
If you don’t have that patience maybe next version will be more on your taste. Or next version after next version. ;D

I am not sure what happened. But basically two things may have happened. Y

our topic was moved and was no longer in the board it was in. When a topic is being moved there will be a place holder for 5 days saying it was moved. When you think you lost a topic first click on “Show unread posts since last visit.” in the top of the screen.

I checked the bin with deleted post but did not find one with you. When you think it was deleted let me know around what date that was.