Olympics in Beijing [spectacle and sport comments only !!!]

So what did you guys think of the opening ? I think it was wonderful .


I Watched it from start to finish, Very well done the whole way through!
2008 people all in synchronize , It’s amazing. Light effects, music, talent, Very well done!

It was fantastic - beyond expectations.

IMO it says something about what a society can achieve when its citizens have a hive mentality; it also brings into question the supposed superiority of “democracies”.

Also interesting is that the Chinese leader wore a Western-style suit when he stood at the podium… 88)

Just finished watching it and WOW…China kick ■■■ as far as openings go. I never seen any Olympics open as well as this.

And here was me thinking the Olympics were just about throwing things a long way and running round and round really quickly. :slight_smile:

What Beijing needs is Roy and HG

Gymnastics - Roy & HG - The Dream - Gymnastics Commentary - YouTube
Poor NZ - - YouTube
Diving - - YouTube
Wrestling - Roy & HG commentary: Roman Greco Wrestling - YouTube

Ewen :slight_smile:

Lithuanian basketball team kicked Argentian ■■■■■ :BNC (:CLP)

And belgium finnally found the goals from the others again, and this time scored also :o.

VEERRRYYY unusual ;D


America Vs China - Basketball, America slaughtered china!

hi hi… and Croatians steals all lamingtons from Kangaroos :■■■■
:-* to Josh and panic

I’m Australian too! :stuck_out_tongue:

It was a good football match, was nill all for 70mins wasn’t it?
I’m surprised Australia held on that long

basketball :THNK
…then one :-* to you also >:-D

I just wanted to tell you that I really feel happy about all those people in China having something special now over there.

Still I’m sad, and, since this is the OT board, I dare to mention the Tibetan people, too.

No one mentions them here.

FUN seems to have become the new god.

And, because this is so, ol’ MorphOs won’t even have a glimpse at those games. No, I am not interested.

And it’s not me, it’s the circumstances.

Think I’m silly because of saying so? Ok.

Wan’t a banana?

The milky pirate. Cheers.

Your missing out :frowning: Whether you watch the Olympics or not, it’s not going to change anything for Tibet.

We will not talk about Tibet here as it is a political question and against forum policy. READ THE RULES ;D

Let’s just talk about the opening, closure and sporting results


“Collapse of Russian Basketball” - directed by Croatia >:-D
Croatia (swimming mustaches) vs. Serbia - 11:8 - Water Polo :BNC

We will not talk about Tibet here as it is a political question and against forum policy. READ THE RULES Grin
Let’s just talk about the opening, closure and sporting results.

Answer by Ol’ REBOL: Oh, sorry, I’d never thought this was a political thing.

No man, this WAS A PERSONAL MESSAGE BY OL’ REBOL, ME CONCERNING THE SURROUNDINGS OF THE OLYMPIC GAMES OF THIS VERY YEAR. So I wasn’t OT, off course. It’s ALL part of the Olympics, you know. Maybe a rather unnoticed part, but still, or kill me?, part of it all.

The protests during those games are NOT related to the games, you tell me? Oh my. (If you were right with your assumptions, I might as well say: Hey, somebody clapped his hands for a winner, but this was not related to the old Olympic rules!

Come on, and start to think man!

The Olympic Games of 1936 were being held in my country. Everyone clapped. The journalists from all countries of this world raved about it all. Those games were under the supervision of Germany’s then dictator ■■■■■■…
It all seemed to be so very normal… and the RESULT?

Now, at the Chinese Olympics, almost all seems to be so very normal as well. Media always helps.

But… and I really want YOU to answer this QUESTION, eXperience? the result? WHAT will be the RESULT?



Hey MorphOS,

Maybe the topic title should have been clearer. This is about the Olympic sporting events, not the political or societal implications or ramifications. This does not mean that anyone here thinks more or less of these issues, just that these forums are not the appropriate place for them to be discussed.

Ewen :slight_smile: