explorer.exe has tried to use firefox.exe in OLE automation. - what does this mean?

i allowed explorer.exe to access the internet, for billionth time

About every app you have need to have explorer.exe as a parent.

errm, ok. so what if some other programs use this OLE thing, ive seen shareaza.exe has used firefox.exe in OLE. is it ok to allow that or what?

If they are trusted programs that you know of, then they should be safe to allow.

aaite thanks. another question, how come i scan my computer for known applications, create a trusted zone and reboot, and i still need to make rules for explorer, ICQ, IE, outlook, nod32…first i thought it was a bug in beta versions, but now i see it here too…

I’m not familiar with creating a trusted zone (because I’m not on a network), but I didn’t have to create rules for explorer, IE or NOD32 after scanning for known apps. In fact, when I installed 2.4 scanning for known apps wasn’t even required if I recall correctly. I also think CFP only scans drive C:. The only other thing I can think of is to ensure the Do not show any alerts for the applications certified… is enabled.

i have checked the option for “Do not show apps certified by Comodo” so we will see if that helps… anyway, thanks :■■■■