OLE Automation

What exactly is OLE Automation? It seems like almost every one of my programs show dialogs for this. It happens when they are not even running. What exactly does this mean?

I am also perplexed about these types of popups.

As the poster stated they can popup long after running the application that presumably triggered the alert in the first place. By this time I have long forgotten that I’ve even run that application. Just a little while ago I got one that referenced my Quicken program that I ran 2 hours before. I also think they don’t necessarily go away after you get the first one. I can recall getting them multiple times for the same application.

The point I am trying to make is that the OLE popups, IMO, come way to late and are just informational. It is my expectation that when a popup pops up there is a potential problem occurring right at that moment. OLE messages are not like these. They just seem to be reminders that a ‘bad’ program can use OLE to cause bad things to happen.

I realize I can turn this feature off but I can’t help feel that there will be a time and place when it does ‘save my behind’. It’s just that it happens so much that I ignore the messenger.

Btw, I do find CPF to be the best FW out there. And you can’t beat the price.

Thanks for your time.