OLE Automation problem [RESOLVED]

I have a program called Orion [a vertical market automotive program] that tries to send a pdf file via
outlook email.
Before the email can be sent, a comodo security alert box pops up and tells me that Orion is using OLE automation and is this OK. I tick the check box to remember this action, but the next time I go to send an email, it pops up again. When I check the more info box, the application is outlook, & the parent is explorer.exe, I have tried to design a rule to get around this problem but have not worked it out yet. My temporary fix has been to uncheck, Monitor Com/OLE requests, then I don’t get bugged every time I send a pdf.
Would be interested to find a fix, I have jpg images of the 3 windows as well [attached].

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hi, I am not familiar with that program but would seriously have to wonder why it tries to send a pdf.

If you could explain this , I may be able to help.


The program is converting files to PDF’s like Orders and Tax Invoices and sending them via outlook as attachments to clients

Ok, makes more sense now. Then this is normal. It’s using the OLE to access it’s server and this is required to use Outlook or IE to do so, hence the OLE. Each time it will be different and you will get this pop up. Your fix you speak of is in fact not a fix, but the correct option to take care of your situation. Some programs\applications use OLE often and have to. The reason is, if ever a bogus application uses OLE, you would want to know if it’s modifying anything and trying to access the internet.

Hope this helps,


I figured that what you are saying about the pdf file being different each time being the reason why the warning box was popping up.
Do I still have a high level of safety using Comodo with checking for ole / com activity unchecked in the advanced section? [I think I do].
I tried to make a rule to list Orion as a safe application but this did not work and I do not think any other rule will make it safe [was probably beating down the wrong track].
I suspect there will need to be some kind of a check box for applications to say that any OLE requests from this application should be considered safe.

Thanks for replying to my query. I am very impressed with Comodo. I have tried 3 different free firewalls in the last couple of weeks and believe Comodo deserves the number 1 spot and is probably better than a lot of pay-for firewalls.

You are very welcome and may I suggest you download the latest version first before continuing on? It came out today and supposed to fix a lot of pop up problems as well. Works great! Less filling. <—doesn’t use as many resources. I just feel this may fix many of your issues instead of hashing the old one. If you do have the new one, disregard this and tell me to stick my head in a bucket. :wink:



Version has fixed this issue. I no longer get bugged everytime i create a pdf invoice or order.
I am really impressed with Comodo, keep up the good work.