Oldschool design


I protect my notebook with CFW, but devs have change program design. I dont like it. Is it possible to turn it back to normal ? :smiley:

If its possible, I’ll be glad to buy a licence


Hello! Just use the old version and that’s it. Such as 5.10 or 5.12.

Who knows when the new skins can come out and what they will look like. :slight_smile:

What’s wrong with the new interface. Why do you not like it? I am just wondering why other people do not like it.

It doesnt help. I’ve download 5.9 from filehippo, but 6.0 was installed.

It some sort of habbit and the previous usablity is lost.

Hi Radiocity,
FileHippo use to host the older versions but now the older links redirect to V6.
Older versions found in the link below.
Filehorse CIS

It is a little harder to use the new interface. It also does not give you as much info. I think Comodo was trying to please the beginning user with a less complex interface. You can still find info in the logs and on the widget.
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There is no summary page >:( >:( >:(

I guess you just have to look at the logs in general tasks for a summary.

You can add more information to the widget such that it functions as a summary page that is always visible.

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I don’t like widget… So this is a no go! Personnally, until they bring back, at least, the summary page I won’t use CIS 6.0 :-TD

Yes, you can add information to the widget. However, there are many of us that don’t like widgets. :wink:

+1 :-TU

I believe summary window is really needed

:-TU true…

you can also add some buttons that you need for more or faster informations to the comodo task bar, i think thats a good option, even if it is not the same like the old summery page…


There are some aspects of the design I quite like, for example, the layout of the pages under advanced settings. However, the main screen is a complete waste of space and serves no useful purpose, at least in its current format. To me, apart from the horribly slow loading and navigation, the new interface hasn’t really been put together with usability in mind. it really feels like it was designed by a committee.

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I would not call it oldschool.

I would rather call it usefull.

Because if this is new school, god save the queen :smiley:

As I’ve said many times during beta testing and after, I prefer CIS interface before V 6 :

I prefer CIS 5 GUI :
  • easier to use
  • excellent summary page with useful information easily accessible. In V 6, it is replaced by killswitch which is painful to use to say the least
  • requires less clicks to navigate
  • the windows components are more intuitive
  • the FW and Defense+ applications rules appear in a window which doesn’t require to scroll down to see all the components of the rule, everything is at a glance. The small squares in Defense+ application rules are visually more indicative than words for the components status and let you switch more easily between the 3 options allow, ask, block
  • popups give information without needing to click to see it; in V 6 you have to click to see that information and then the allow option is obstructed and you have to click again to hide the information to be able to select allow
  • by right clicking the tray icon, you can change the security level of components which is very useful. In V 6, you have to dig deep in the interface to do that which is a lost of time and productivity
  • CIS 5 GUI looks professionnal; CIS 6 GUI main page and widget look childish

Surely it must be possible to change the look of CIS GUI without hampering its usability and functionality as is the case in the actual V 6.

Moreover, as I’ve said in other posts, I don’t see the point of a touch centric GUI knowing that :

  • users of XP, Vista and Win 7 won’t use touch and for a long time, they’ll be the core users of CIS
  • in Win 8, CIS is NOT manageable in the touch part of the OS aka “Metro”, can’t even make a popup appear in Metro. To use CIS, Win 8 users will have to be in “Desktop” where they use other “legacy” programs with keyboard and mouse. So why optimize the GUI for fingers when those fingers won’t handle it?

At the same time, I wouldn’t like to be in the shoes of a software developer right now. With its new touch centric mantra to catch up with some fruit, Microsoft has embarrassed a lot of people and put them in the mist.

Thank U. Its work :smiley:

You are welcome.