Older versions for download

Where can we find an older version than 6.0 to download now when it only supports 4 languages?
I am from Sweden and want Comodo Internet Security in Swedish.
I guess there is an archive section where people can download older versions but where?

It seems filehorse still has old versions Comodo Internet Security Download (2023 Latest)

I looked and the version they have is: Comodo Internet Security 6.0.260739 32 and 64 bit.

I guess I have to look around but what is the latest 5 version to look for?

Hi again!

I found this: Comodo Internet Security 2012 5.12.256249



This will do the trick :slight_smile:

Hello Falo,

I downloaded the link you provided above and it is the latest version. This version is available in Swedish.

Hope this helps

Hi Falo,
With the page Ronny posted if you select either 32/64-Bit, it will then direct you to the following pages giving you the option of which version number to select.
Filehorse CIS 32-Bit
Filehorse CIS 64-Bit

The quote above is also correct (V5.12), thanks CIS-1. :-TU


I have installed 5.12 and it works like a charm (in swedish also)


Good to hear. :-TU

I use 5.12 on my desktop and its great. It works and it doesn’t bother me unless I need to decide whether to block something.

I just installed the current, default comodo firewall on another computer and I gotta say it looks very lacking on configurations. There are like 4-8 things to click on and thats it. Also the popups asking to like on Facebook and selling Cloud services I find very intrusive and annoying.

Is 5.12 still available for download? I’m very surprised the 5.12 on my desktop isn’t annoying me to update or it didn’t update to 6.x on its own. Thanks for that at least; I would have been ■■■■■■.

Thank you guys so much. I can’t stand the new version. It’s awful. All the settings I use all the time are hidden and buried, if they even still exist, and it was driving me nuts. I really hope that they fix it because at this rate I will probably look for a new firewall.

I just decided to update today and found I can’t stand the new UI at all. To me it’s lacking all quick info that came up when opening the main window and it feels awkward trying to navigate the UI to find the configurations for everything. The older interface felt a lot more responsive too, none of that hidden tab and window animation stuff.

So thanks for the links to get the older version(s).

Hey Comodo guys, can you give us the option to switch to a UI that is (like) the older version with all the power user access close at hand and has an overview/summary of the status of all 3 systems in CIS. Love the program and don’t want to quit using it because of the UX. :slight_smile: Love the work you guys do.

Hi and welcome roguehydra,
Major improvements to the GUI are well and truly in the making. :wink:
Next version due in a matter of weeks.
Sneak preview of CIS 6 screen

Kind regards.

Here looks to be most recent version v5, (downloading old version from Comodo smuggles v6.xxx onto your machine)

v5-12-256249 (~93 MB)



Thanks fartypants!

I seriously hate the new comodo 6.x.x versions that assumes the user is ■■■■■■■■ and relies heavily on nagging.

This was the last ‘good’ version before they really messed it all up. Gonna use this till i find the time to find a decent replacement for comodo.

Is the anti virus part of CIS 5.12 still updated.

Yes if you click Antivirus->Update Virus Database

Also custom policy mode for the 64 bit version was broken when it first came out.

To get it working, you’ll want to install the signed drivers to system32 manually:

Ok thanks, i am thinking of going with version 5.12.

For the 32 bit version at least:
During install, take a look into directories inside "C:\Documents and Settings\YOUR USER NAME\Local Settings\Temp"

and you will find a file named something like “cispremium_installer.msi” (note MSI)
and make a copy of it, it should be about 34MB in size (about 60MB smaller), this is
the actual CIS setup without Comodo Dragon and any other extraneous “stuff”.
(might be preferable if install to multiple machines, can double click just like an *.EXE file).

Will be easier to find if you empty temp directory before install.

Extract the installer with 7-zip.
I´ts easier than going via the temp-folder…