older version of installer

hello i have posted before about this but i am getting nowhere,i had to reformat my hard drive and when i try to reinstall firewall 2.4 it says i have an older installer,i have tried everything i have seen on the forums but no luck,is there one program i can run to get over this please as i really want to use comodo firewall,i am using zonealarm at the moment.
thank you.

Hmm, this is a puzzler… if you have reformatted your hard drive; ie, there was no data remaining, it was a blank piece of hardware, then there would not be anything left behind for CFP to trigger on once the operating system was reinstalled.

The message about an older installer, however, sounds like CFP v3.0.2.5 Alpha. Will you capture a screenshot of this error message, save it as an image file (jpg, png, or gif) and attach to your post using the Additional Options (bold red letters) right below the textbox?



sorry but i cant get a screen shot,the cfp version is 2.4
is there a newer version of cfp that will work?
thank you.

Do you have an older version of CPF?I had that problem once.Installed the older version,uninstalled,then installed 2.4.no problems.Maybe this will work for you :BNC :BNC (:KWL) (:KWL)

Well if you have reformatted your drive it would be quite abnormal that some data remained there.

try this :

Start → Run… → type “regedit”
Delete every key that could be there from the firewall

!!! only the firewall keys, it could be that the other comodo programs can’t work any more then !!!

Hope I could help you

There’s more than 1 type of formatting. Make sure it was the complete, longer one.

Why not?

Just run the installer again, and when the error message comes up, press ALT-PRT SC to copy the error mesage window to the clipboard. Now, start MSPAINT and click EDIT - PASTE. Save the image as a JPEG and post it here.

If you have formatted your hard drive (even if you did a quick format) the FAT or NTFS file structure is written out as empty. Windows does not make use of Installshield routines, so your system cannot contain any references to the previous installation method used to install CFP.

Ewen :slight_smile: