Older version of 6.x where to downlaod?

6.3.x is ■■■■ and virtual kiosk is 100% broke in it, however I successful ran virtual kiosk in 6.0.252829.2560
Virtual Kiosk works 100% without comodo dragon & microshit silvershit 5.1 just 4.0 version installed with NETframework 4.5.1 updated.
FileHippo.com does not support these downloads anymore they just post the names info if u try to download it, it auto-links to latest version 6.3 which i hate and don’t want. Can you give me the links so i can rollback and fix my own CIS problems plz? I need to test these versions and download them. If your a dev and is interested in the crash report differences of the use of virtual kiosk in 6.3 vs 6.0 let me know I jsut want to run virtual kiosk it shouldn’t be that hard I ran it flawlessly last year somehow.

Comodo Internet Security 6.2.285401 Released: 12 Jul 2013 (7 months ago) Technical Details | Change Log
Comodo Internet Security 6.2.282872 Released: 20 Jun 2013 (7 months ago) Technical Details | Change Log
Comodo Internet Security 6.1.276867 Released: 29 Apr 2013 (9 months ago) Technical Details | Change Log
Comodo Internet Security 6.1.275152 Released: 18 Apr 2013 (9 months ago) Technical Details | Change Log

Hi 12321,
Sorry to hear that you have had issues, but while VK may be broken for you it is along way from 100% faulty in the fact that it works fine for most users.
Your opinions are welcome, but please go easy on the wording.
Thank you.
Note: Neither Dragon nor Silverlight are required for VK to function with all versions.

Older versions available from Filehorse in the links below (Version selection option available).
CIS V6 32-bit-Filehorse
CIS V6 64-bit-Filehorse

Kind regards.

Thnx, yes it can be frustrating to witness the same version of the same program working on the same hd for cough years if not months, all of a sudden start messing up and failing to work on same OS by a known bsod bug from comodo. Then you wipe ur drive, reinstall a fresh OS with same hd & same drivers next download and run “same program from comodo” only to find that it well not work properly. The best thing about VK is u don’t need to use a 2nd different OS to have it run as a guest on ur host if you know what i mean. :slight_smile:

And I tried all the other versions that was built with VK in mind and none of them work except 6.0.x to say the least. :slight_smile:

You are welcome, yes I understand the frustration issues can cause. :slight_smile:

Kind regards.