Older version for Windows 2000

I have been using Comodo Firewall in its various versions since 3.0. I know there used to be an older version (I think it was 2.4) available for users of older computers since 3.0 or higher will not run on Windows 2000 or earlier.

I am now administering a very old computer running Windows 2000 (and which does not have the hardware to be upgraded to XP, and we don’t have the budget for it anyway) and I went to the Comodo site today trying to find the older version that’s compatible with 2000. No joy. All references to this earlier version have apparently disappeared.

Upgrading the old machine is not possible, as explained above. I’m stuck with 2000 for the time being, but I would like to install the older version of Comodo onto it. Is it still available anywhere on this site?


Thanks, JoWa - appreciate the link!

I am curious, though… to anyone at Comodo: why have you removed all links to this software from the main site? Surely I can’t be the only user out there stuck with old hardware and operating systems. Is the 3.5 version known to have problems with 2000? Or have you just prevented it from installing “on general principles”? If the latest version won’t work, you really ought to continue to provide the link to the older version, even if you have to surround it with disclaimers to protect yourselves. I accept the lack of support and possibility of bugs that will never be fixed (though it would be nice if the latter were well-documented) - I just need to get this system as well-protected as I can, and I trust Comodo 2.4 a lot more than the default firewall which comes with 2000 (i.e. none)!