Old Version Please?

After installing the newest version and spending 2 weeks trying to figure out what is going on and how to unblock an entire folder and allow internet access as some of my folders require such a thing I gave up. Years of computer programming class couldn’t save me from figuring out where or how to do this and when I searched it on Google I just got lead to older posts on older versions on Comodo. The whole reason I’m using this program is because it supports the Wildcard * key unlike Windows Firewall and my previous way of doing this was just simply going without one. Since Comodo provided me protection and all I have enjoyed this very much but now… I’m going back to without. Anyone know where I can find a Windows 8 previous version download? The only way I’ll use Comodo is if it’s that one and as simple as that. Goto firewall add find the folder click anything in the folder and edit the path with a *… so simple. This one I don’t even know how to do it… If it’s more than 4 or 5 steps that was as easy as this… it anit worth my time.


Also see Radaghast.