old topic without any advice

Why can I not get any answers for why my Cis firewall has a problem if its supposed to be compatable for Win 64 bit home premium.I’ve spelled out in detail in a earlier post the pain in the ■■■ its gave me.I lost counts on install this way and uninstall over and over. I’ve run this in vista 32 bit on another machine was great.
Its running according to my pc but a test on the Shields says there no Comodo running.
It keeps reporting some funtions are not running or something to that effect.
Going to keep on untill I say its a piece of S##T.
Its 10:00 pm and I’m going to install it one more time as administrator and give up on it as what its good for as I stated I would call it.Done about all I can do as I’m not a novice to computers.Always been good at trying various softwares since 95 firewalls,avs,etc.