old school demomaker


some parts of this program and all the selfmade demos are “suspicious” for comodo. its out for nearly a year now.

i wonder if my next test with comodo av will be without false positives. that would be a big plus for cav.

Hello clockwork,

Thank you for your submission. We’ll check the files and get back to you soon.

Best regards,

well, i think you fixed the false positive with the program.

BUT please DONT forget to take away the flag for the self made DEMOS. when you save them as an exe, comodo tells still, they are TrojWare.Win32.TojanInject.~INM@90454246. each one of them.

that they use the screen is in their nature. no one is helped when they will be at first a virus for comodo, but they arent.
as i told avira about this new false positive (with version 10 it appeared), before i tested comodo again, they marked it as “suspicious” but it will not be shown as an alarm. at least, dont give an alarm or force me to fill the exclusion list, when theres no reason.

i could send an example, of “when it could be a bit tricky to stop a demo”. but with a restart its over. or with trying each button (usually there are 3 fix buttons to choose as exit button [space, esc or left mouse button]). nothing harmfull. at the end they are amiga like demos, with the feature of using a screenshot for example.
tell me where to send it, if theres a need.
or if you like it, try it yourself :wink:

i wanted to make an example of false positive for comodo. but for any reason, this example is no trojan for comodo.
all my other demos are still named as this trojan by cav.

theres a difference when you close the new example or the old demos. defense+ asks at the ending of old demos “demo tries to modify a protected file or folder: win.ini”… i dont know what i made different. i just used other efffects.

what does this mean, and why isnt it too with the new demo i made just? is it something dangerous?

if it is needed, i will send an anonymized version of an older demo. just tell me.

Just give it some time as they seem to be extremely busy lately (reducing the anti-virus database in whole)

Have you tried either of theses???

Click on “false positive”

or use the comodo interface to submit it
Click on “false positive”