Old Google Logo in CD ?

I am still seeing in old logo in my CD ? I am using Cyberfox,too this issue does not happen in cyberfox.
anyone with this problem ? both of browsers are up-to-date

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Hi yigido,
Please try clearing your browser data.

Kind regards.

I see the old one in Chrome. But I see the new one here: https://encrypted.google.com/

I saw the old logotype on https://www.google.se/ After deleting cookies (chrome://settings/content) for google.se, and changing the preferences, the new one popped up.

Alternatively, just give it some time. :wink:

Ctrl + F5 worked fine here :wink:

Only if cookies are not blocked, it seems.

Hmm, perhaps, I only block third party cookies and clear the cookies once the tab is closed or when browser is closed.

I tried this thanks and regards :-TU

when I opened the CD google opens with old logo 88) but I clicked the f5 then new logo comes :-TU
it is too interesting for me why it happens :smiley: