old game versus Defense+ Paranoid Mode -> reboot?

  • I use Defense+ Paranoid Mode in Windows XP
  • installed an old game
  • started that game
  • allowed every step with ‘Remember my answer’
  • then it went full screen with a different resolution and all I see is black
  • I think that is because the next Comodo alert is waiting for my decision
  • but all I can access is Task-Manager and task bar
  • I can not kill the process of the game or Comodo because Comodo protects them

Do I really have to reboot Windows and rate that process trusted before I can play?
Because that is the only “solution”, that I could find and I wish Comodo would be easier to use in that situation.

This FAQ may help Game or video stall in full screen mode.

Okay, thanks, but “2. In Firewall ~ firewall settings set the security level slider to Safe Mode. Click it and reset the security to level Training Mode.” does not make much sense to me.
Why should I switch to Safe and immediately to Training?
I guess there is at least one “Defense+” missing.

Sorry yes I will edit it tomorrow. I would set both FW and D+ to training mode, then fire up and use the game a bit. Then close the game and set them both back to safe mode. You should see that rules have been created to allow the app to do something.

Best wishes


Edited, thanks