Old firewall settings after v3 upgrade [Merged Threads]

I haven’t Installed V3 yet, and im assuming it has an application monitor like V2. Is someone going to make an backup program for it, so when we re-install we don’t have to add all the rules back again.


No need for a third party app since CFP 3 includes a configurations management feature, you can export and import configurations. Haven’t tried it myselft yet though. And yes there are app rules and global (network) rules, just the same, and then there’s the optional Defense+ (HIPS).

So im guessing it automatically saves these configurations or you have to. It wasnt really a 3rd party program, i think a mod here made it.

Is this optional Defense+ (HIPS). what takes care of the maleware?

I think the second-and-a-half party :wink: utilitily for v2 won’t work for v3, they’re completely different programs. The export/import feature is manual. However the out-of-the-box settings are satisfactorily safe and user-friendly, and the program includes several wizards for some tasks.

A HIPS is a program that monitors all activity. It’s a processor firewall instead of a network firewall. If an untrusted program attempts to run, D+ will block it and ask you about it. So malware doesn’t get a chance, and this doesn’t depend on a malware signatures database.

I have a queston, if i update my Firewall to Version 3.0, what is then with my settings from the old version ? Must i configure and allow all programms again ?
Is there also a German Version ?

My Version is ist tihs Version up to date expect from the version 3.0 ?

I had one excluded application in 2.4, which was not carried over, so I guess that answers your question.

Yes, new rules will have to be created, as far as I know. The installation is all new. The previous version before 3.0(.x.x…) was, I haven’t even heard of any Different in German?


My brother as also Comdo firewall version

Why I have Version ist there sometihng wrong ?

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Didn’t find your “” at all. Maybe you can try to update the version of your brother using “Update” function…


Yes now ive updatet the firewall by my brother and when the update was finshed there was the massage that Version 3 is now avaiable an if i want to upgrade. I said no ( so i did it on my pc too)
and now has also Version

uhm, my version’s but checking for updates, it says none are available… i even tried updating when it’s set to “allow all”… can it still be blocking itself for some reason? or must i download it manually, uninstall and install the 3rd version?

I don’t know why it doesn’t find the 3.0 version, but their isn’t really any feature in 2.4 that blocks such a thing, as far as I know. Anyway you can download v 3 manually. I actually don’t know if you have to uninstall 2.4 first, but I guess you can try to run the installer of v 3. I think it should detect older versions.

Still I’m surprised to hear about this version! It must be something for non-English versions?



Last night I upgraded to v3. Clearly, this was not a real upgrade, but an uninstall of version 2 and a fresh install of v3.

As a result, it did not use any of my v2 firewall rules, which I had defined and tweaked ever since I installed Firewall v2.

Did the install process back these up, or has it deleted these?

Cheers for any help, S.


I have two PCs running Comodo:

My winXPSP2 box automatically notified me of updates and updated to prior to informing me of the availability of version 3.

The win2kpro box doesn’t flag any available updates beyond, neither automatic or manual check

This update seems to be a precursor to automating the v3 installation, i.e. those boxes that won’t support version 3 won’t update to

ahh yes indeed - i just checked for v3s requirements and it’ll only run on xp or vista… a shame… is there a change list somewhere so that i’d know what am i missing? =) (not that i’m switching to another win)