Old Defense+ is now HIPS?

hi, previously i have been using v5.12. which have these options when right clicking on the icon in the system tray.
-Antivirus Security level
-Firewall Security level
-Defence+ Security level
-Sandbox Security level
But in this new version ( v8 ) we have :
Here are my two questions,
Is the old D+ feature now called HIPS? If so, how come it is disabled by default?(D+ wasn’t if i remember correct)
Second question. Is the auto-sandbox now required to be on? because when i disable it Win8 warns me about "Comodo Defense+ being turned off, how come? Is the the sandbox now the new D+? and does that mean disabling the sandbox in Comodo v8 is a bigger risk than it is with v5?

In CIS 8 Defense+ is now a collective term for HIPS/Auto-Sandbox/Viruscope; HIPS is disabled by default because it’s not easy to use for normal (i.e not advanced) users, at least not compared to auto-sandbox. In CIS 8 the Auto-Sandbox will now cause alerts when disabled, you can effectively disable the Auto-Sandbox without actually disabling it by going into the advanced settings > Security Settings > Defense+ > Sandbox > Auto-Sandbox > Now disable all the rules by flipping the green switch under “Enable Rule”

Which feature has replaced “Behaviour blocker”?

My guess would be Auto-Sandbox.

Not replaced but now called Auto-Sandbox