old CIS version still "up-to date"? no update prompt?!


I actually have CIS 12.0.06818 and I am still waiting to see that CIS prompt me for an update version 12.2.2, but till now no update prompt appeared. And the manual search for updates via the GUI still gives me program is up-to-date. Why??? Whats is wrong?

thanks for feedback

We’re waiting for Comodo to release v12.2.2. to the program updater. Comodo always keeps a little while between releasing a bigger release for the wider audiences. To add to that because of changes in the development team last year things are moving more slowly than we’re used to.

If you can’t wait you can download v12.2.2 and install it.

installing over the existing verion? or how to update?

You can install over the existing version or do a clean installation and import your old profile in the new version. It’s up to you.

To install over I need to choose the same folder where the old version is installed, should this work?

Yes - choose the previous folder and it should update everything

Hello cska133,

Regarding this Auto-update : Our CIS Team are working in it,Once done let me notify you.
Have a nice day!

hey there,
i still dont get any update notification for the new version. I thing this is a little long delay ???

It has not happen I am afraid.

You can tried the upgrade over the top install which did work for me, all I had to do was change the configuration to the previous one after install.

Please note it might not work for you though.


i will wait, just in principle