Old applications can't be Trusted

I’ve an old application that I still use daily - Attachmate’s Extra! 6.2, circa 1995, for mainframe work. (Hey - if it still works - no need to buy new software!)

I log on to my system as a power user - not as an administrator. I’ve just installed the latest version of Comodo Internet Security - Premium, and have noticed similar behavior issues already mentioned.

Regarding Extra!, I’ve gone into Firewall settings and set the application, to Trusted. CIS still wants the application to be trusted. I went in to Defence+ to add the program as a Trusted Vendor, but CIS can’t find a valid vendor signature - I’m guessing it’s because the application is so old. The bottom line is that I can’t run the application with this new version.

I then did what I did with the older 3.x version of CIS - set the security level (?) to training - this was how I could get Extra! to run. Is it possible that allowing the program to run as a trusted application from a non-administrator account doesn’t work??

Except what happened now is that after doing this, I got really strange Windows behavior - something I have never seen before.

a) could not (double) right-click anything in the system tray.
b) could not left-click anything in the system tray, including CIS!
c) could not select an application from START>All Programs. Nothing could be highlighted for selection
d) could not RESTART. I got a Windows error stating that I did not have authority for to RESTART or LOGOFF !! I turned the power off in order to restart.

And now I’m running MalWareBytes just to make sure I haven’t picked up a virus, or that CIS was/isn’t somehow infected. (This post is being created on a different computer…)

This Windows behavior is really bad. I have been extremely happy with CIS since I started using it a couple of years ago.

Any help with this, or a quick turn-around on a fix, would be greatly appreciated.


The c) problem from your post has been resolved ! (That’s if you use Win XP)

Have you updated CIS 4.1 to the latest build 4.1.150349.920 ?

Look here:


As for your old application, have you tried to go to Defense+ > My Own Safe Files and add the executable file of your software there ? It worked for an old application of mine !

Thanks. Yes, I have the latest build.

Well, matters turned worse, and then I finally ended up using MS XP RESTORE back to the original restore point, and then tried to use the restore point just prior to installing CIS. This last one failed, and I had to rebuild my userid.

All the behavior mentioned above mysteriously has gone away, and I’ve been good so far.

Regarding the old app - I (re-)set up a new user account as just a user. Comodo seems fine with it, but Windoze isn’t. I had to change the user account to be a power user, which I’d have rather not done.

To recap - I’m not sure what did happen, other than somehow the registry got corrupted and the only solution that I could come up with was to use the MS XP RESTORE option to prior to the the CIS install.