Okay CIS 3.9 is great now can we have customized/alternative themes?

I see a lot of CIS interface everyday and frankly I’m kind of fed up with the only theme available (:TNG). I noticed that there’s theme setting in CIS but there is no other theme selectable than the default.

I vouch for alternate themes. Come on people, I’m sure you want to have more variety to CIS UI color or/and even font.

I mean 3.9 is a big step for mankind especially after all those integration since 3.5.
It screams for a make over to justify its enhanced capabilities and added features. :comodojiggy:

well if i could find the skinning tool i would try to make some skins (someone post a link please)

4.0 will have a way WAY diffrent look and if im correct multiple themes also

Yeas I was hoping the community would do it instead of putting the burden on COMODO team. I’m afraid I know no skinning tool nor familiar with any.

So please any of you guys CIS fanatics who is not that dull HELP this man to put some style to CIS 3.9 ^_^.

Also, it would be nice to see “No Theme” selection under “Themes” in CIS. I use the Classic Windows Style theme and I would really like for all the programs I have installed to use it. Don’t get me wrong, I think that CIS is a great security suite and skinning is more optional but still… it would be a nice little addition if we could choose a theme (or not theme at all) for CIS to “blend” into the OS.


Is there any theme for CIS v3.9? I searched several minutes in the forum but have not found anything? Can someone help me?

I Came Across This Site Comodo Themes For Firewall Themes. Guess, Might Be Updated For CIS Themes. Moreover Seeing The Posts On This Site, I Guess It Doesn’t Seem to be operative.

No there is currently no alternative theme for CIS.

I asked OmleteGuy to make some for us. He said he would try. So fingers crossed.

Yay i need the tool cant find it and from what i hear it does not work with 3.9

These skins will work with CIS. Copy them to the Themes folder.

If I recall, DaRtH VaDeR was the provider of these.

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Thanks John ;D

Can someone put those skins in a regular zip or rar format? I use winace and it won’t open a 7z file.

Why not use 7-Zip? :wink:

I extracted them with 7 zip but i discovered something. CAV will not scan a 7z file.

These files I assure you are clean of any malware.

We need a “hot ■■■■” theme. :■■■■ :■■■■

Definetly :o :-* ;D

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Thank you

I wasn’t meaning to suggest they weren’t clean, I was just pointing out that 7z files are not currently scannable by CAV and I think they should be.

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