OK to uninstall certain parts of the program?

I have Windows XP 32 bits version, and my language is English.

Wanting to save space, I deleted the “language” files (other than English) and also the 64 bits versions, wherever they appeared, in the program directory of the Time Machine. I also found a large (6,500k) size file called “WH Drivers” which I deleted, leaving only the file called “XP Drivers.”

Question is …what is WH Drivers? I know what XP is (Windows XP) but don’t know what WH is. There is no Windows WH that I know of. Should I have kept the WH drivers?

Thanks so much any information. The program looks very good as described, and hoping it will work ok, and if it does will certainly report back if you are interested.

Hi, hovey
Please keep all folders and files of Comodo Time Machine,
or it will cause some serious errors.

Thanks for your support.
Best regards.

Thanks for your reply, and I understand the necessity of its contents. I certainly don’t recommend that people delete any of the files, even if they don’t speak German or Italian, etc. Could you at least tell me what “WH Drivers” means, as opposed to XP Drivers? What is “WH”?

WH means Windows Longhorn.
WH Drivers are prepared for windows server 2008, vista and win7.


Ah I see, thanks!

Do promise “not” to remove the foreign languages (don’t speak them, and am too old to learn), the 64-bit program files (my system is 32), the non-usable operating system files and the non-usable drivers… even if doing so would give back maybe 100 mega units. I will keep them and cherish them always. (wink, wink)

Googled for “WH” and “Longhorn” but could find no connection? Only thing I can think of is someone pronouncing “Wong Horn” there are many people who have difficulty with the letter L. Such as the old time cartoon character Elmer Fudd or the American news announcer Tom Brokaw. Is that why WH instead of LH?

I am sorry.
I checked the installation folders.
There is no folder called “WH”.
Instead, there is a folder called “WLH” which means Windows Longhorn.
Please check it.

Hope it helps.

I read that the thought “Shucks, I already deleted it, so no way to check if that’s so.” Then I said, “Wait a minute, all I need to do is use the Time Machine program to go back in time and check what was there BEFORE I deleted all those files.” So mounted the first snapshot as a drive, and voila there it was. You were asolutely right, well sort of. The file is not WLH, it is “wlh” - all lower case letters. With the small print on this 1920x1080 monitor, the lower case "l’ blended into the lower case "h’ and so missed it. It just looked like part of the h. Thanks so much your help. This is really a marvelous program. As for my having deleted those files, doesn’t seem? to have caused any problem, so hoping it won’t. In meantime have saved space that would have been taken up by stuff I don’t need, ie langauges, extraneous operating systems and drivers, etc.