ok...ok...ok Here comes GANDA's Dog.

What a lovely dog!

So cute…

He’s not a bald, got some hairs on it.

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OMG, a glorified Gremlin!

wow. it’s like the plagued dog on Resident evil :o

I thought it was more like your cousin… 88)

These pictures are utterly repulsive. :-TD

I will bet that this dog’s name is Fluffy. >:-D


Are you sure that it’s Ganda’s dog? ???

They all look like satan’s dogs >:-D
That’s why ganda would probably warm to all of them ;D hehe

Or perhaps “hairy” ;D

OMG, that dog is so…ekhm… “beautiful” :P, I saw similar on Resident Evil :slight_smile:

Ganda should get a Hamster I think… :-TU

Girls love hamsters… =)
And they are cheap, easy to take care off, don’t drop hair all over the place 88) and so on… =)

Perhaps he should get himself one of these?


What do you think? ;D

Omg that dog looks like someones behind :S Poor thing… :-X

Hey ganda,

My brother went to the pub the other night, had way too much to drink and came back with a dog. Now he’s trying to get rid of it.

Sometimes, dogs are not mans best friend.


now that’s interesting. go to bar, get a dog 88) hmm, mysterious 88)
i don’t know ??? the thought of having a dog just came to my mind ???
maybe i should go out a little more. bend the 3 x 8 hours rule.aww that sucks :-\