OK, no network (again)


i just download (actually upgraded) the latest Comodo firewall version (i am using win xp sp2). I had no problems using previous version (3.x, i do not remember exactly build number).
But now, i cannot see mapped network drives from my pc…I have declared a Network Zone, i have defined it as “Trusted Network” but i still cannot access (see) my domain’s mapped network drives…

Is there something else i should do to work again ??

Ok, i did this thing:

i set Comodo Firewall to “disabled” mode. I reboot the machine, log-on to my domain and see all my net drives again (because Comodo was disabled at that moment) . Then i set it to “Train with safe mode”. From that point and until now, even with reboots, it does work correctly.

Is this by design ?

Since upgrading to the latest version, I cannot get my XP desktop to be available to my Vista notebook, even though I have checked the network policy and all seems ok - it’s fine the other way around. If I disable it, access is restored, so there is no doubt that it is a Comodo issue.


Use “view firewall events” to find out what is getting blocked. This will help you to figure out what rule(s) is needed to be added/modified.

Thanks for the reminder.

Nothing obvious - UDP requests from my printer are being blocked, but that shouldn’t make any difference to accessing shares (all permissions ok). I’ll keep looking when I have more time.


OK, come back here if you will not get rid of this problem (CNY)

The log now shows TCP & UDP blocked even though I set up a Trusted Zone AND used the wizard to open all the the IP ports and protocols - which shows correctly under Global settings. XP Pro SP2.

The identical setup on my Vista laptop allows access the other way. I also tried specifying an ip range of rather than but it made no difference. And now my pc cannot access my NAS for backup. Infuriatingly, it seems to work for a while after I turn it off and back on again, as was reported above. Something is seriously ■■■■■■■.

I tried v2 and it works fine, as does the PCToolsv3 firewall (which seems to operate very much like Comodov2), so perhaps I should just dump v3.


I have come to the reluctant conclusion that there must be some form of incompatibility between Comodo and something on my system. As it sits behind a router with SPF firewall, I will try another, albeit perhaps less secure, product.

My Vista laptop has almost exactly the same apps, and is ok, weird. As I travel with that and use public access points, v3 will stay on it.


Can you please provide snapshots or exact description of related blocked entries in the log, global rules, application rules, network zones, blocked network zones on related computer?

I’m sorry but I have now removed Comodo from my desktop pc and don’t have the log entries. But they were pretty simple, showing inbound blocks for both TCP and UDP for ports and addresses that I had opened via the rules, as previously indicated.

I have now installed PCTools Firewall (v3) and Threatfire and all is now working properly. This shouldn’t be taken as an indictement of Comodo as it is happily working on my both my new and old laptops in v3 and v2 respectively.


Greetings from LeonSprings, Texas USofA,

Seems my CFP v3.0.18.309 is doing basically a very similar operation on my system this morn. All went well yesterday, but; this morning Comodo is blocking all activity even when in “Train with safe mode” or any of the others, it appears. At this time I have it in ‘Disable’ mode so I can get here to inform you. There have been a couple of times I have been able to use it in “Train with safe mode” and sent a couple of e-mails to a friend then it dies or blocks all activity. As soon as this is posted I am leaving here going into “Disabled” mode and doing AV, SBS&D, HJT and any other I can find to scan my system for any problems.

Thank you for reading this,

Edited by ME (NTxLS)> OK, found some of my problem without the scans as stated before. Read some of the posts prior to my departure and looked into FireWall/Advanced/Predefined Firewall Policies and double clicked each entry and checked for Block all acitivity and found all had that entry except my E-Mail client. Deleted those blocking entries and all seems to be back to normal.

Had an informational window from Comodo pop-up this morning and attempted to click the ‘OK’ button and in the process may have clicked the ‘Block’ selection as moving the mouse over to the Pop-Up and when clicking the ‘OK’ may have un-intentionally BLOCKed all activity for ‘svchost.exe’ because that was the file that was mentioned in the top of the RED pop-up.

While EDITING this message my connection went down again, so went in and added ‘svchost.exe’ as a “Trusted Application” in FireWall/Advanced/Predefined Firewall Policies and again WE have connection again.

Any other that may have a similar problem may want to check this. My problem has been cleared, thank you for reading my PANICY message,