ok,,,, just in case ,so when i try out the next new version,,i have a ?????

so as i wait for a newer version of comodo firewall pro V3.0.14.276 (for example Comodo firewall V3.0.14.279) to come out and when it does i will try it out,right now i just have version 2.4

so if i have problems with it and need a smart un-install tool other the the regular windows one
, i’m looking for a good freeware one, does anything on this site look good to any body ?,has anybody tried any of these?.


does any one know of any freeware ones that will completely un-stall a program as well as the garbage it leaves behind ,even in the registry ???.

alot of people dont like trial ware stuff,why ?,because they will end up really liking the product and not have the money to buy it …lol


Hi there kissbaby, I’ve heard Revo Uninstaller is good, though never tried it myself. From what I read it actually needs to be installed before you install the product as it monitors things that change and thats how it uninstalls it. Not positive, but it seems like it. Never heard/used the others.

One thing I would like to clear up is a misconception that you may have about Comodo Firewall.

alot of people dont like trial ware stuff,,why ?,,,,because they will end up really liking the product and not have the money to buy it ...lol

In here it sounded to me as if you think Comodo is trial ware, however, it is not. Comodo Firewall is completely free for life as promised here on many separate occasions. So don’t worry about not having the money to buy, because there really is no need. Hope that clears it up, if there were even a misconception to start with.


most of uninstallers work just like described above - they install BEFORE a software installation, then take a snapshot BEFORE and AFTER installation… But that’s not complete removal, since program generates garbage not only when installing but when running too

If you do a lot of installing and uninstalling like I do, bite the bullet and buy yourself Total Uninstall. Does a much better job than all the the uninstallers I have tested - including Comodo’s own CFP uninstall program which does not understand the concept of zero footprint.

I complained over a year ago here when the new uninstaller for 2.4 came out, but I guess Comodo sometimes does not listen to what users have to say. ;D


:BNC thanks for the info every one, oh and yess i know comodo is free, i was talking about other sites,no biggie

If you really want to be able to remove all traces of a complex program like Comodo, invest in a copy of Acronis True Image and take a snapshot of your drive before installation. As mentioned above, programs like Comodo make a lot of changes well after installation, and a disk image is the only way to really get back to the start. You should do image backups anyway, and if you have Vista you can even use their builtin imager; just not as convenient to use as Acronis. http://www.acronis.com . :BNC

well if you don’t mind Acronis software being commercial…))))

…not like I’m attempting to hijack the thread or anything… but are there any that are not commercial, that are simple to work with, and allow me to apply the image over an already running system. It could be me, but I’ve tried a bunch and can’t find any that work