OH my, CID has reverted everything to default

I am devastated…

CID did some strange things suddenly, closed it. wouldn’t start. Killed process apparently hung. On restart, everything!!! is back to default. Extensions gone, all bookmarks gone. I have done literally hundreds of adjustments to it that are lost.

There are no words to describe what I feel about those weeks of work gone.

Worse. I have an online backup, but when I switched from Firefox, I forgot to mark the CID folders for BU.

A sad day in my life.


did it update and destroy all my settings etc?
Any way to recover hundreds of hours of work?

Any ideas–does CID save profile or settings somewhere?

Hi movrshakr,
It sounds as if an update created a new user profile.
Check the following location for two user profiles.

Kind regards.

Only one there.

Hi movrshakr,
Considering you have only one profile listed, unfortunately I am not sure if it is possible to recover lost user profile data/settings now.
Unless someone else has some ideas.

Kind regards

Unfortunately, this will lead me to move away from CID.

My Firefox is only slightly “behind” in terns of bookmarks and a couple of extensions that I added since switching. So, getting it ‘current’ will not be difficult. OTOH, rebuilding CID from ground zero would be monumental.

May I STRONGLY suggest that you pass to the software team that one of the FIRST things the update process should do is store a ‘backup’ copy of the existing profile, and at the end, inform the user to delete it if they are OK with how things are.

Hi movrshakr,
I can/will have passed your suggestion onto Staff, but at the end of the day IMO the onus is on the user to keep regular backups of important data and software of their systems.

Bookmarks and some other data can be copied or exported/imported from Firefox into IceDragon.

Kind regards.

I agree on the responsibility of user for backups, and indicated it was a failure (‘forgot’) on my part.

Some of your users may be in my situation (over 70) and need help on a few things…we simply aren’t as sharp as years ago. So, help for us doing stupid things, or from being caught by an unexpected event, is always appreciated.

I understand and do not expect extraordinary measures, but reasonably simply ones would be a great benefit. It’s kind of like the reason transactions going into a database are always separately recorded in a file other than the database, just in case something unexpected happens during the update.

Hi movrshakr,
I understand, sorry we didn’t find a cause or solution.

Kind regards.

Do a system restore :-TU
Take back your profile files (back-up) from: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Comodo\IceDragon\Profiles
Then uninstall CID… then install Firefox itself :-TU

Download (32bit & 64bit): https://www.mozilla.org/firefox/all/
There will no such funny problems in Firefox

Hi yigido,
I have tested Windows system restore and it will not completely restore IceDragons user profile.

We should be helping find a solution to the current browser issue as asked and not just continually suggesting personal favourite browsers as a replacement.

Also movrshakr has already showed where he has used Firefox and was trying CID as an alternative or extra browser.


I should be clear…I really liked CID. It seemed faster than Firefox, and I liked a few of the features Firefox did not have (like the grouped tabs retention, whatever that was called).

The failure that lost my profile during the upgrade was the only thing that took me away, but it was a biggie–which could have been solved by me if I had kept a backup as I normally do.