Offlne installer for Firewall 10?

Could someone point me to a download for the latest version of Firewall 10?
There are so many different firewall links all over the site, but none of them seem to be the full download, which I need to take out to a site with very slow/expensive mobile data…

I was always able to download full installer previously, but can’t seem to find it now.
I need just firewall,. not the full CIS package…

Same, but Comodo simply removed all links that once were for the offline installer, it points to the downloader only, would be great to have the offline installer again.

here is the direct link
Offline Installer for CIS Premium: [Note: above offline installer has Antivirus with Comodo Firewall as optional component and does not come with Secure Shopping, GeekBuddy and Comodo Dragon browser. You will need to install them separately]

here is another thins about this